Rabu, 05 September 2007

Welcome to Indotravel-Translate.blogspot.com. This site provides you the translation services:

English into Indonesian, German into Indonesian and vice versa.

Untuk penterjemahan Bahasa Indonesia ke Bahasa Inggris KLIK DISINI



  • We provide you the best service in language translation for your website, Blog, article, books, e-book, novels, scripts, etc
  • We provide you with the best services, translated by our professional translators,experienced and having international certificate.
  • Our services offer you a very attainable price.
  • We will translate without minimum pages or words ( one single article will be translated as well and as good as other with a much more words )
  • You will get your translation as fast as you wish.

The benefits in having Blog/website using Indonesian

  • It will increase your visitors.
  • Your blog/ website will appear more professional to your visitors.
  • Automatically makes your blog/website can be viewed by million of browsers all over Indonesia without having difficulty in understanding the language used.
  • Your Indonesian version website/blog will increase your earning.

How to do it?

>>>All you need to do is sending the copy from your article/script to be translated to our e-mail address provided.

>>> We will make a survey on it and confirm you the price estimation according to your article/script as soon as possible to your e-mail address.

If you are interested or having question concerning our services, please do not hesitate to contact us in our e-mail addresses : indotranslate01@gmail.com

We receive payment using:

  • BCA( Bank Central Asia)
  • Bank Mandiri
  • E-gold ( we recommend you this term of payment for it is fast and free of charge)
  • E-bullion ( we recommend you this term of payment for it is fast and free of charge)
  • Paypal

Payment confirmation:

  • Please send us your confirmation payment through e-mail as soon as you finish the payment.
  • We also receive the confirmation payment by sms (short message service). Just send your payment confirmation to this cellular phone number : +6285233393211